Frequently Asked Questions

Exactly what is BackTrax for?
BackTrax is for playing prerecorded parts along with a live band. For example, a small rock band with no keyboard player could play a prerecorded keyboard part using BackTrax while the band plays the rest of the parts live.
Will BackTrax remove the vocals from my music so I can sing along with it?
No, BackTrax does not modify the music in any way. The app is not for creating backing tracks, just playing them.
Where can I get backing tracks?
The best resource we've found for customizable backing tracks is Karaoke Version.
Does BackTrax have a built-in click track?
BackTrax does not have a built-in click track, you'll need to have it in your backing tracks. The way it's usually done is the left stereo side of the track is just the click and the right side is the music.
How do I hook everything up to use it at a show?
Assuming you're using the split click/music idea from the previous answer, here's a suggested plan for wiring it all up. It starts with a splitter cable, 1/8" stereo to two 1/4" left/right. Plug the stereo 1/8" end into the iPhone or iPad running BackTrax. The left 1/4" output (if the click is in the left side) can go to a mixer that the drummer (usually) uses for in-ear monitors, or it can go to a channel in the main PA mixer that will be sent only to in-ear monitor mixes for any band members who want to hear it. The right 1/4" output (with the music) can go to the main PA mixer, usually through a direct box.
Is there a version for Android?
No. An Android version of BackTrax is regularly considered, but there are currently no plans to do that.
How do I get lyrics into BackTrax?
BackTrax uses lyrics stored in your mp3 files. You can add lyrics to an mp3 in iTunes by right-clicking on a song, choosing "Get Info", then switching to the Lyrics tab and pasting in your lyrics. Sync the songs to your device and BackTrax will be able to display the lyrics.
Why can't I add my lyrics inside BackTrax and save them?
Having the lyrics stored inside the mp3 files makes them easier to move and harder to lose. You add them on your computer and then you can sync the song to any number of iOS devices and the lyrics are there. Even if you delete and reinstall BackTrax, they're still there. Send the track to another band member for their device, they automatically get the lyrics. That's why (at least for now) BackTrax reads lyrics from the mp3 file rather than storing them separately. There is no way for BackTrax (or any other iOS app) to modify the mp3 files in your iTunes library, so that's why you must add the lyrics in iTunes.
Where did the Add button go? I can't add individual songs anymore!
You can still add individual songs, but things had to be moved around a little to make room for new features. Tap the Load button, choose "Songs from iTunes", then use the new media selector to find and select all the songs you want by playlist, artist, album or song title. The song titles dim as you select them, and when you hit the Done button at the top of the screen all the selected songs will be loaded.